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Welcome to Animal Gardens Theme Park, our beautiful, 40-acre venue which serves as home to The Dancing Horses Theater and Echo the talking and singing parrot, most noted for his recent appearances on America's Got Talent, as well as 16 species of exotics and over 60 hay-eating animals.

Located between Delavan and Lake Geneva Wis., our scenic park has something for everyone: Visit our interactive Baby Animal Barn where you can pet, hold and feed exotic and farm animal babies. Then, roam or ride our manicured trails which will guide you to several of our exhibits including our Wildlife Exhibit, where you can see animals that are indigenous to Wisconsin as well as some exotics. Your Wildlife adventure comes complete with a visit to our deer park where you can hand-feed the deer. Next, venture to our Indian Village, where peace and tranquility transport you to a different world. Don't forget our interactive petting zoo and our trails that take you past larger exotics and our pond, where you can enjoy a boat ride and paddle with our swans.

Make plans to visit Animal Gardens between May 28 and Oct. 31.

While you're here, don't forget to visit our highly acclaimed year-round attractions: The Dancing Horses Show, a live equestrian extravaganza which has been described by journalists as a blend between Las Vegas and Disney, and our Exotic Bird Show, featuring eight large parrots that talk, sing, and perform tricks.

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